Our mission is not just teaching people how to survive; but also empowering them to LIVE.

Hotel Kaleche

For the best chapati and nyama fry

Dr. Johnetta Howard (a.k.a. Dr. J) was working at a local church in Jacksonville, Florida, when one of the parishioners told her about a missionary from Kenya who was visiting in the area visiting at another church. Dr. Howard was immediately intrigued and told the parishioner this story:

When Dr. J was in high school, she was given an assignment to write out a list of her lifetime goals. Amazingly, she had completed almost everything on her goals list - even completing some of the things twice. However, 25 years later, there was still one thing left on her list that never got done...to go to Kenya. After so much time, she couldn't remember why, but her list did not say "go to Africa" - it specifically said "go to Kenya". Although the list was long gone, Dr. J never forgot that one goal on her list she never completed...and never thought she ever would.

That next day, the parishioner brought the missionary to meet her. Pastor Michael Mutiso was visiting the United States trying to raise money for his church, his village and his family. ‚Äč The two instantly became friends. 

Pastor Michael came to midweek service that Wednesday and video-taped Dr. J ministering praise and worship. When he returned home to Kenya, he showed the video to his church family. He called Dr. J from Kenya and said, "Johnetta - they love you! You must come!" She said, "Okay", then stepped out on faith and went to Kenya with no one but God with her. The rest is history.

Kaleche, as the people of Kenya so lovingly refer her, has been going to Kenya almost every year since, staying 1-2 months each time. She has supported and continued to support Pastor Michael, his ministry, his family and the Kenyan people in any way God will allowed her. What she was doing, however, just did not seem to be enough. Each year, she could see that the unemployment rate continued to be astronomical, the poverty level continued to be extremely high and even worse, there were so many children and elderly who continued to go hungry.

Kaleche prayed for God to give her a way to make a difference. She prayed for God to use her in a mighty way to help His people, Kenya, while honoring His kingdom. She knew that she could not do this alone and asked for God to help her help the people He had pressed upon her heart so deeply.

Amazingly, God gave Kaleche a vision. In that vision, He brought to mind the old adage, "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach him HOW to fish, feed him for life." Kaleche realized then that she had been just giving Pastor Michael, his family and others in the village fish for more than 10 years and it was time to teach them how to fish.

From spending so much time in Kenya over the years with the Mutiso family, Kaleche knew that Michael was one of the best cooks she had ever known - save her own mother, of course. God showed her that He had been preparing her all these years to make a difference in the lives of the people she had come to love so much.

With guidance and blessings from God "HOTEL KALECHE" - an African cuisine restaurant - was born. Although very small, this establishment not only provides direct employment for several people {including Michael, his wife (Florence), as well as his older children}, but it also provides good, clean nourishment for the people of the village of Nguluni and surrounding villages. What's even better is that 100% of the proceeds from Hotel Kaleche goes to feeding the children and elderly.

The opening of Hotel Kaleche had a powerfully positive domino effect on the villages of Kalie, Nguluni, Tala and others. On a daily basis, Hotel Kaleche purchases large quantities of fruits, vegetables, milk,  tea leaves, unga (flour) for chapati, madodo (beans), ndengu (lentils), oil, charcoal and much more from villagers in the surrounding areas boosting their businesses and causing the economy to flourish. Hotel Kaleche II was opened in a little bit bigger facility and the first Hotel Kaleche was relocated to the village of Tala to provide meals for even more people.

Kaleche also began a feeding program to help the many hungry children in the villages and has continued to use her own personal funds in an effort to keep this endeavor going. It is a huge challenge for just one person, but God has been very gracious. She is praying that He will touch someone's heart to help these programs go even farther. 

Though it all, Kaleche remains a humble servant of God as God continues to move in a powerful way.

Behind the curtain is the "shower" room.

This is the "shower" behind the curtain.

This guy decided to visit Kaleche in her "shower" one evening.