Our mission is not just teaching people how to survive; but also empowering them to LIVE.

Hotel Kaleche

For the best chapati and nyama fry



"Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done."     

                                                                                                              Proverbs 19:17 NIV 

Our Mission

Hotel Kaleche is a village ministry that provides employment, food and hope for villages infested with unemployment, hunger, poverty - the norm in the tiny villages of Nguluni, Kalie, Tala and other surrounding villages in the Division Headquarters (County) of Kangundo located in Kenya, East Africa. Our mission is to educate impoverished people to not just survive, but to live. We want to help them discover the life God has intended for them. What's more is that 100% of the proceeds from Hotel Kaleche goes to feeding the children and as many of the disadvantaged people in this area. We also desire to be able to fund schooling for the many homeless village and street children. Saving the world...one child at a time...

How You Can Help

We need your prayers and your donations. It takes a lot to keep this effort going and we need your help. Please help us to succeed in this journey by making a donation. Click the button below to donate.

Due to the opening of Hotel Kaleche, many of the other village businesses are now thriving.

Mboga (Vegetables)

Produce is purchased fresh from the local villagers on a daily basis.

Duka (Shop)

Other shops depend on Hotel Kaleche's business.

Kanasi and Kaleche

Kaleche purchases all her milk and eggs (and sometimes donuts) for the Hotel locally from Kanasi's shop.

At Hotel Kaleche, we try to provide employment for as many of the villagers as possible. It is a very small place, so not many jobs are available right now. We are looking to expand in order that more people can be employed and even more people can be fed.

Hard at work preparing for the day, Chef Michael's wife, Florence, is also among the workers at Hotel Kaleche making sure things are ready for the crowd.

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One of Hotel Kaleche's main purposes is to feed the children. We donate 100% of the profits from Hotel Kaleche to feeding the children who have no other means to get nutrition. Even when Hotel Kaleche makes no profit at all, we still make the sacrifice to feed these children. More often than not, Kaleche uses funds from her own pocket to ensure these children get fed as often as possible. 

Children, in general, are very near and dear to owner Kaleche's heart. However, there is an even more special place in her heart for the village children. 

The children pictured here with Kaleche have a very unique situation. Click the button below to read their very touching story.

Master Chef Mutiso truly loves his job. This man is an extremely hard worker - working sometimes until he can go no more. This Hotel is functioning because of his hard work, loyalty and obedience not just to Kaleche, but also to his family and most importantly, to God.

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