Our mission is not just teaching people how to survive; but also empowering them to LIVE.

Hotel Kaleche

For the best chapati and nyama fry


"The fear of the LORD is the instruction for wisdom, And before honor comes humility."
                                                                                                              Proverbs 15:33

A very humble man...Pastor Michael Mutiso is trying to take care of his family: His wife (Florence), his mother (Shosho), his children (Kelvin, Esther Mweni, Roy, Meggie, Amy and his youngest baby girl whom he named "Princess Kaleche" ), his nieces (Ann & Mweni {not Esther}), his nephew (Tangaa), his dog (Simba) and himself. Michael was unemployed for more than 10 years. He is now the Master Chef at Hotel Kaleche. He works very hard and his days are very long, but the pay is not nearly enough to take care of his entire family.

Esi enjoys spending time with her baby sister.

Kelvin works just as hard and just as long as his father.

A man, his wife, his mother, 9 children and 1 dog...help is desperately needed here.

Septic System

Meggie is standing next to a 20-ft hole in which is being dug in order to catch waste as it comes from the toilet.

More Room Please...

Kaleche and Meggie embrace as they stand in the "room" that is to be hers whenever the family home gets finished.

Kaleche's Home

Michael prepares a window in the "home" where Kaleche lives while in Kenya. Kelvin stands by to help if needed.

Amy is all ready to go to church. Praise the Lord!!

Princess Kaleche is ready to take on the world!

Drawing water from a well near their home. Since the well does not belong to them, they must pay for this water.

Esther is on her way to school. She, like many other children, have missed many days of school due to unpaid school fees.

The kids have fun - they are completely oblivious of the problems that lie ahead.

Daddy Michael & Princess Kaleche

Shosho is a legally blind diabetic. She feels her way through to prepare a meal for herself, Ann & Tangaa.

Mom Florence in the hospital just after giving birth to Princess Kaleche.

Pastor Michael & Mrs. Florence Mutiso with daughters Amy & Princess Kaleche