Our mission is not just teaching people how to survive; but also empowering them to LIVE.

Hotel Kaleche

For the best chapati and nyama fry

Hotel Kaleche provides food...employment...hope...life.

A message from Kaleche

More than just the children in the villages depend on Hotel Kaleche for their livelihood. At the left, I am pictured with two of the wazee (elders) in the village of Kangundo. Both these women are "more than 80" years old. They are very weak as their health is quickly failing them. They are not able to make the journey to the Hotel to get something to eat, so we bring the food to them.

Through Pastor Michael's translating, the wazee tell me that they are honored that I would come to visit them. However, the honor is all mine. It is such a blessing to just sit and talk with these women and listen to their amazing stories.

On behalf of the wazee, I thank you again for your prayers and  your support.

In His Name,



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Many children wander the streets of Nguluni from early in the morning until around dusk without adult supervision.

Children aren't necessarily concerned with WHERE they eat , as long as they eat. This is actually the "extra seating" at Hotel Kaleche.

It is not unusual to find little ones like this wandering alone in the desert.